09 April, 2008

It is NEVER too early to get a noob into knitting

My cohort in knitting shenanigans had a baby daughter a little over a week ago. She is devine. And so is the baby :)

Here she is modelling her first knitted piece of clothing. A soft, rolled brim hat made of some sublimely soft cotton blend.

I am amazed to see how naturally they have both fallen into a routine together. Trish is calm and a little tired, grounded and assured like an earth mother. Holly is a warm, squirmy little bundle of possibilities and the most wonderful feeling I have had, in a long time, is kicking back and having her fall asleep on my shoulder while I held her.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The bub looks so warm and cuddly in that little hat...

A little elf in the making:)

Hope all is well with you and Kynan over there!

Every winter I get my lovely scarves out that you made and thank heavens for my crafty friends!