11 April, 2008

The art of avoiding study

When the heat is on, the assignments coming up on the horizon, and the weeks are flying past like road signs on a highway, what does any truly devoted student do?

Yup. She knits. And if she's lucky she will find a few spare balls of Noro in her stash and a dvd in her laptop that she's been hanging out to see.

I made this pattern up. Not that it's really complex enough to call it a pattern. Just started with the right amount of stitches that would comfortably fit around my neck, then increased when I felt like it. Finished it off with a a knitted edge from a Debbie Bliss book thats name escapes me right now. Next time I would probably make it a little taller and make the flair more significant at the bottom so it would neatly sit under a coat collar.

I have heaps of assignments and exams coming up so I will have plenty of time to knit some more of these :)

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